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About the Arms Law
The new Law on the Management of Weapons, Explosives and Ammunition ("the Arms Law") was enacted in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The draft law passed the National Assembly on April 26 and the Senate on May 12, 2005, and was finally signed by His Majesty the King. It took almost three years for its enactment since the draft of the New Arms Law was originally submitted to the National Assembly, in November, 2002.

The New Arms Law consists of 6 Chapters 27 Articles, prohibiting small arms possession by civilians without official permission. It also states the responsibilities and duties of government officials (police, military, and other authorized officials) in managing their legal weapons. Strict penalties and punishments are stated for gun-related offenses and misuse for both civilians and government officials.

The Law is expected to strengthen weapons control in the country, by eliminating the circulation of illegal weapons among the civilian population, and to improve the mangement of weapons held among security forces and law enforcement officals.

The New Arms Law replaces the "Sub-Decree38" enacted in 1999, which does not include concrete penalties for violations

> Text of the new "Law on the Management of Weapons, Explosives and Ammunition", distributed by the Ministry of Interior. (JSAC is not responsible for the translation).

Steps to the New Arms Law
1992 Sep UNTAC Law enacted
1999 Sep Sub-Decree 38 enacted
2002 Nov Draft Arms Law submitted to National Assembly 
2005 Feb Amended Draft Arms Law re-submitted to National Assembly 
2005 Apr 26 Arms Law adopted at National Assembly
2005 May 12 Arms Law approved at Senate
2005 Jun 1 Arms Laws enacted upon the signing of His Majesty the King

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