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  JSAC supports the collection of illegal weapons remaining from the war, and introduces safe stockpile management for legal weapons. JSAC has concluded all activities on site at the end of April 2008. This web-site shows record of JSAC activities.
What's New Weapon Collection Results
Activities of JSAC project were ended in April, 2008. JICS's website about assistanced the developing countries including JSAC's activiies is here. JICS

The two Peace Monument is made of weapons are now complete. Weapons collected and destroyed in JSAC projects are now transformed into Art.

2 Cambodian Police Officials visited Japan to study the Police weapon management and koban system. more

The last Weapons destruction ceremony supported by JSAC was held in Battambang Province on Sep 19, 2007.

JSAC is procuring radio equipment for the Police in Battambang and Kampong Thom Provinces...more

iEnded Jan 31, 2008jbroken rifle
Small Arms 30,360
Explosives & Ammunition: 118,689
- Phase 2 -
Small Arms 18,698
Explosives & Ammunition: 80,166
- Phase 1 -
Small Arms 11,662
Explosives & Ammunition: 38,523
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Breakdown of Collected Weapons by Province/District
Phase 2: pdf

"Small Arms", weapons designed for individual use, and "Light Weapons", those designed for use by a crew, are collectively called SALW.
SALW includes pistols, rifles, and potable launchers of anti-tank missiles. Landmines and explosives are also types of SALW in a broad definition.
The annual number of SALW victims are said to be more than 500,000, and thus, SALW is sometimes called "
de facto Weapons of Mass Destruction."
WDP Project is a new weapons collection methodology established by JSAC.
WDP Project stands for Weapons Reduction and Development for Peace Project.
Please see
Weapons Reduction and Development for Peace (WDP) : a new approach for voluntary weapons surrendering.

About the Arms LawF
The New Arms Law came into effect in Cambodia.
It differs from the previous regulations which did not include enforcement. Strict penalties are now included for the illegal possession and usage of small arms.

Please see
The New Arms Law for details and full text.
JSAC in its 2nd PhaseF
JSAC started its Phase 2 Program in Battambang and Kampong Thom Provinces in Sep 2005, based on the Exchange of Notes (E/N) for "Peace Building and Comprehensive Small Arms Management Program in Cambodia" concluded between the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Government of Japan in January 2005.
Please see
Records of Phase 1 for JSAC's achievements during its Phase 1.

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