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 The WDP Project as A New Approach to Weapons Collection
(Weapons Reduction for Development and Peace Project)

1. Weapons Reduction and Development for Peace (WDP) Project

2. Safe Storage and Registration Project

 3.Weapons Destruction Project

 4. Public Awareness Project

 5. National Commission Support Project


Records of Phase 1

The Mechanism of the WDP Project

Characteristics of WDP Project
Target Area Province
Scale of Development Assistance
(Example: schools and roads, based on the needs of the community
Project Period Long (2 years)
Basic Strategy Voluntary surrender of weapons as a result of awarenss raising and education activities. Combines the collection of all weapons and development assistance according to the community needs.
Criteria for Development Assistance Situation of the area, result of small arms survey, and the change in the number of surrendered weapons etc.
Project Activities Awareness raising and educational activities, police support (equipment and training), NGO training, weapons caches surveys, house-to-house surveys on ownership of small arms etc.
*1:The collection of all weapons means that civilians no longer possess weapons illegally in a given area.
This does not exclude the possibility of future inflow of illegal weapons, or the existence of hidden weapons undiscovered in forests etc.

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