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Activities in Phase I (Apr 2003 to Sep 2005)
JSAC conducted the first phase of its programme from Apr 2003 to Sep 2005 in Otdar Mean Chey Province, Banteay Mean Chey Province, and Siem Reap Province. 11,662 illegal small arms were collected during the 2 years from the civilian population.

4 projects, 1. Weapons Reduction for Development and Peace (WDP) Project, 2. Weapons Destruction Project, 3. Safe Storage and Registration Project, and 4. Public Awareness Project, were implemented in the above target areas.

These 4 projects are continued in the current Phase 2.

Budget : JPY 450,000,000
(approximately USD 3,720,000)

Period: Apr 2003 to Sep 2005

Target Area: Kingdom of Cambodia

Banteay Mean Chey Province (pop. 577,772)
Otdar Mean Chey Province (pop. 68,279)
Siem Reap Province (pop. 696,164)

*population according to Gov. statistics

Activities in Phase 1

North-west Cambodia was one of the areas most severely affected by heavy fighting during the civil war.
Number of Small Arms Collected 11,662 (breakdown per Province/District in pdf)
Number of Ammunition and Explosives Collected 38,523
Weapons Destruction 15,646 weapons destroyed at 7 ceremonies
Awareness Raising Workshops 1,551 workshops (129,666 attendants)
House-to-House Surveys 173,737 interviewed households signed not having weapons
NGO Partnerships 8 NGOs
Development Assistance 55 sub-projects (detailed list)
Training of Police Officers (basics) 12 sessions (720 trainees)
Police Post Reconstruction 5 police posts
Police Equipment Support 420 radio sets, 3 motorcycles, 25 bicycles etc
Weapon Storage Facilities 3 warehouses with computer registration systems,
290 racks
Training of Police Officers
(weapon registration)
2 sessions (160 trainees)
Public Awareness Billboards 21 billboards (20 in Provinces, 1 in Phnom Penh)

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