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Weapons Reduction and Development for Peace (WDP) Project ( > More about the WDP Project)
JSAC's weapon collection activities in Kampong Thom and Battambang Provinces finished at the end of January 2008. JSAC staff paid visits to each Commune Chief in the project area (Communes are administrative units in between the Districts and Villages) to inform and discuss with them.

During these visits, JSAC staff re-explain the illegality and negative impacts of civilian weapon possession, and enquire about illegal weapons posession among residents. Once they confirm that there are no illegal weapons in their Commune, the Commune Chief signs the "Peace Declaration". By doing so, the Chief denounces illegal weapons, and announces their committment/responsibility in tackling this problem after JSAC's support ends.

(Photo: JSAC staff explaining to the Commune Chief, using illustrated information sheets to explain the current situation of JSAC activities and our intentions.)
JSAC staff checking police radio equipment JSAC is currently preparing the procurement of radio communication equipment for Kampong Thom and Battambang Provincial Police.

(photo left: JSAC staff checking the current radio equipment of the Provincial Police)

This type of police support, together with police training, aims to improve security and create an environment that the residents can believe that they no longer need weapons for their self protection.
From February 26, 2007, JSAC has started outdoor performances of JSAC's awareness raising film on small arms in Baray District, Kampong Thom Province.

Baray District is not a very safe area and gun crimes are common. Following the request of the residents, JSAC started outdoor film performances in all Communes in this District for awareness raising on small arms. In the JSAC film, in addition to explanation of the Arms Law, short stories on small arms are also included.

With very limited entertainment opportunities, the outdoor film performance with a big screen is very popular among the residents, and several hundred villagers attend each performance. In cooperation with the local police and authorities (ex. Village Chief), after the film, JSAC staff explain and discuss with the villagers about the illegality and danger of small arms.
Awareness raising activities at community level, such as these, contribute to creating an atmosphere and culture within the community to surrender illegal small arms, and not to allow illegal small arms possession by other community members.
JSAC film performance
Weapons from buried warehouse in Battambang Province In February 2007, JSAC received information on buried weapon warehouses in Samlout District, Battambang Province. JSAC is currently supporting the operation of removing the weapons from the ground by the local police. With the support of Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC), 391 weapons have been safely removed and stored. (Photo on right: weapons from the cache)

The fact that local residents are giving in information on weapons hidden during the war means that a form of trust and confidence is being established among the residents - local authorities/police - JSAC. This relationship will become the foundation for building a peaceful and safe society.
The Police training sessions held in Battambang and Kampong Thom Provinces were completed in January 2007, and the Closing Ceremony was held in both provinces. In the presence of the Provincial Governor/ Deputy Governorand Provincial Police Commissioners, a total of 454 police officers received their training certificates.

Many of the police officers have only been through one training despite their careers of serving for more than 15 years. The trained officers are now expected to return to their duty stations and utilize the skills and knowledge they have acquired for improving community security and public relations.
Closing Ceremony for Police Training
Munition from weapons cache in Battambang Province JSAC, Cambodia Mine Action Center (CMAC), and local authorities are cooperating to remove buried explosives and ammunition in Sampov Loun District, Battambang Province. 2,362 ammunition and explosives have been uncovered so far.

The operation started with information provided by residents who attended JSAC workshops. At these workshops, the residents are encouraged to provide such information to authorities. This is the eighth weapons cache removed this year as a result of JSAC's activities and support. >Press Release
JSAC started its radio spot broadcasting in Battambang and Kampong Thom Provinces from Nov 13, 2006.

A 3.5 minute spot will be informing listeners about the dangers and illegality of small arms posession, 5 times a day for the coming 4 months. It also encourages residents to hand in their illegal weapons and provide any relevant information to the authorities.
From October 2006, JSAC is launching a series of "Confidence Building Workshops" in parallel with the village level workshops. A total of 41 workshops are planned in Battambang and Kampong Thom Provinces.

At these Workshops, residents (with various occupations), police, and local authorities discuss about security and small arms issues in their community. By connecting such actors and providing them an opportunity to discuss and understand each other, stronger relationships are built in these communities. Such confidence within the community is a key to security improvement and lasting peace in an areas where mistrust torwards the police are common.
Confidence building workshop in Kampong Thom Province
Police training Training of police officers started in Battambang and Kampong Thom Provinces from Oct 16, 2006. 454 police officers based in District Inspections and Commune Posts will participate in this 11-day training, conducted by the Ministry of Interior Training Department and Cambodian NGO.

The aim of this training is to improve the capacity and the level of awareness of the police officers, and thus improve public relations and community security. Topics such as "good governance", "duties and responsibilities of the police", "police and community", and "the Japanese Koban system" will be covered.

As a result, it is expected that this improvement will also encourage citizens to dismiss weapons as a necessary means of self-defense, and therefore further promoting weapons surrender.
JSAC village level workshops are being conducted since May 2006. Partner NGOs spend a whole day explaining the dangers and illegality of small arms to the residents of each village. They also encourage the villagers to surrender any illegal weapons and to provide information on small arms. Police also attend the workshops, and are responsible for the collection of any surrendered weapons.

The photograph is a workshop in Bavel District, Battambang Province. The workshops will continue until Feb-Mar 2007, according to the District.
Village level workshop in Battambang Province
Munition found in Battambang Province From June 13 to 29, 2006, a joint operation was conducted to remove ammunition and explosive caches in Bavel District, Battambang Province among JSAC, local police, Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC), local authorities and NGO. 4,148 ammunition and 360 explosives buried during the civil war were removed and destroyed safely.

Information on the caches was provided by a resident who participated in JSAC's Commune-level workshops in Bavel District. Part of the excavation site was farmland and in residential areas.
From June 5 to 11, 2006, JSAC, Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) and the Provincial Police conducted a joint operation to collect and remove 1,956 small arms and 1 large ammunition from a construction site in the center of Battambang City, Battambang Province.

Additionaly, from June 2-6, 2006, JSAC, CMAC and the police conducted a joint operation in Phnom Preuk District, Battambang Province, to remove ammunition and explosives. A total of 2,473 ammunition and 2 explosives were removed from farmland and destroyed by CMAC.

Without the safe removal of these weapons and ammunition, there was a possibility that the ammunition will explode and cause considerable harm to the people. It is assumed that such weapons and ammunition still remain in this Province and thus pose a threat to the safety of the residents.
>Press Release
Weapons found in construction site in Battambang City
Munition found in Battambang Province JSAC, Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) and the local police conducted a joint operation to remove and destroy ammunition and explosives in Ek Phnom District, Battambang Province. A total of 680 ammunition and 44 explosives were removed from residence areas and safely disposed of by CMAC.

These ammunition and explosives were left/ buried in areas which could not be reached by car, and thus were left until now because of the difficulty in removal and disposal. During our village workshops, oraganized with the cooperation of local NGOs, we encourage residents to provide information on small arms to the authorities. This joint operation also started by information facilitated by the workshops.
>Press Release
A large weapons cache was found in Samlot District, Battambang Province.
JSAC has been carrying out workshops in this area for awareness raising on small arms. After attending JSAC's workshop, the village chief workshop informed the police about this site which he had always found suspicious. With the cooperation of various organzations and villagers, a total of 2,482 small arms were found during the excavation on March 29 to April 8.
>Press Release

Removing weapons from hidden cache
With the cooperation of the residents, these weapons were transported and stored safely, and are to be destroyed afterwards.

Weapons removed from cache in Battambang Province

This area was used as a supply base and route during the civil war, and many weapons are said to be still remaining.
Commune level workshops held in Battambang Province. In addition to the residents and local authorities, local police officers, monks and other organizations also participate in the workshop.
Participants at a Commune level workshop
De-mining organization staff explaining about mines and UXOs
In the workshops, de-mining (CMAC) and other organizations are present and explain about the danger of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO).
District level workshops conducted in Battambang Province. JSAC organizes workshops at all levels of the administrative structure, from province to district-commune-village levels to ensure that all relevant personnel understand about small arms and JSAC activities. District level workshop in Battambang Province
Province level workshop
The provincial level workshops were conducted in Battambang and Kompong Thom Provinces, as Phase II starts in the middle of October.

The workshops for the police were held following the provincial workshops in the end of October.
These workshops aimed to enhance the cooperation between the provincial-district police with JSAC and to promote the understanding of small arms issues, arms law and JSAC's activities in relation with the police.

Workshop with Provincial Police
Media workshops in Provinces
The workshops targeting the local media were conducted in Battambang and Kompong Thom Provinces in the middle of October. The objective of these workshops were to promote the understanding on the danger of small arms and the new arms law, and to raise the important roles and participation of Media/News in tackling small arms issue in Cambodia.

Weapons Destruction Project ( > More about the Weapons Destructon Project)
NEW@On Sep 19, 2007, the 12th and last Weapons Destruction Ceremony supported by JSAC was held in Battambang Province. 6,613 weapons were burnt and destroyed in the presence of H. E. Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, and H.E. Katsuhiro Shinohara, Ambassador of Japan to Cambodia. These weapons were collected from the 5 Provinces where JSAC has undertaken weapons collection activities (Battambang, Kampong Thom, Siem Reap, Otdar Mean Chey, Banteay Mean Chey).

The District Governors of the Province also expressed their "Peace Declaration", which re-affirmed their responsibility in maintaining peaceful, safe and weapon-free communities.
>Press Release
On May 24, 2007, the 2nd Weapons Destruction Ceremony in Kampong Thom Province with JSAC support was held. 2,428 weapons were burnt and destroyed in the fine weather. 1,918 of these weapons were voluntarily surrendered by residents of Kampong Thom Province through JSAC activities. >Press Release

The Ceremony was attended by the Governor of Kampong Thom Province, and national delegates participating in the ASEAN Small Arms Control Workshop, held in Phnom Penh from 22 -23 May.
The Ceremony was the 53rd Weapons Destruction Ceremony held in Cambodia, and 206,122 weapons have now been destroyed by the Government.
On August 23, 2006, a weapons destruction ceremony was held in Battambang Province, destroying 6,672. All of these weapons were surrendered or found in the Province through the above WDP project.
H.E. Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minster of Interior, and H.E. Fumiaki Takahashi, Ambassador of Japan attended the ceremony and put fire on the "Flame of Peace" in front of the guests. More than 3,000 guests attended the ceremony.

>Press Release
Weapon destruction ceremony in Battambang
Weapons burning at a destruction ceremony in Kampong Thom Province On June 15, 2006, the first weapons destruction ceremony supported by JSAC in Kompong Thom Province was held in Kompong Thom Town, Kompong Thom Province. Many residents joined the Provincial Government, the Ministry of Interior / police, military and other related organizations in observing the burning of 1,273 small arms. All of these weapons were voluntarily surrendered by residents to the police during JSAC's activities. >Press Release

One gentleman who attended the ceremony following the invitation of his commune chief remarked that "It is my first time to attend such a ceremony, and it was exciting. It is very good that weapons are put to an end like that".
On March 4, 2006, the first small arms weapons destruction ceremony for the Phase II Program was held in Battambang Province. 1,853 weapons were destroyed.
H.E. Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, H.E. Takahashi, Ambassador of Japan, officials from the Ministry of Interior, the Provincial Government, Police, Military, NGOs, local media and many residents attended the meeting and witnessed the burning of the small arms.

>Press Release
Weapons destruction ceremony in Battambang Province

Safe Storage and Registration Project( > More about the Safe Storage and Registration Project)
During Sep 30, to Oct 6, 2007, two officials from the Cambodian Police visited Japan to study the Japan Police weapon management system and koban activities.

After receiving detailed explanation from the Metropolitan police and Gifu Prefecture Police, they visited the actual sites where the police were carrying out their activities.
Computer systems arrived in the new Provincial Police weapons warehouses in Battambang and Kampong Thom in June 2007. Under the guidance of the software company, the officers in charge transfered the weapons data into the new system.

All of the weapons under the control of the 2 Provincial Police will be registered in this database system, and all changes will be recorded hereafter.
In February 2007, the Provincial Polices in Battambang and Kampong Thom completed the installation of weapons in their new safe storage warehouses. Each weapon will be checked against the registered weapon information data, cleaned, placed in racks and secured with cables and locks.

This kind of secure weapons management system will prevent leakage and illegal circulation of legal weapons. It also contributes in raising the awareness levels of relevant personnel regarding the handling of weapons.
weapons secured on racks in weapons warehouse
New weapons warehouse for Provincial Police In January 2007, the construction of the new weapon warehouses for the Provincial Police in Kampong Thom and Battambang Provinces were completed.

Their duty weapons will be securely stored and managed according to regulations in these new warehouses.
From January 16 to 25, 2007, JSAC supported a training course for the computer registration of weapons. 6 trainees from the Ministry of Interior and the Provincial Police of Battambang and Kampong Thom Provinces attended the training.

After the completion of the training, the weapons data that have been registered manually would be transfered to the weapons database, and thereafter weapons management would be computerized in the above Provinces.
Computer training for weapons registration
Construction works for weapon warehouses The construction of weapons storage warehouses for the Provincial Police started in September 2006 in Kampong Thom and Battambang Provinces. Warehouses and racks (with locks) will be constructed and procured to enable the Provincial Police to securely manage their legal weapons.

Once the warehouse and equipment are ready, police officers will manage their weapons according to the procedures they have learnt at the below training sessions.
From July 2-8 and Aug 6-12, 2006, training for the manual registration of small arms was conducted for each provincial police in Kompong Thom Province and Battambang Province. Around 300 police officers from the two Provinces completed the 1-week training.
All small arms possessed by the provincial police will be manually registered. Afterwards, this information will be transfered to a computer database following the completion of computer registration training.

By strengthening the regisitration/management of police weapons in this way, the project aims to prevent the illegal circulation of legal weapons and to improve the awareness of police officers regarding their weapons.

Closing ceremony for training of manual registration of weapons
Opening ceremony for Safe Storage and Registration project From May 3-4 and May 9-10, 2006, the Opening Ceremony and Seminar for the Safe Storage and Registration Project for Kompong Thom and Battambang Provinces were held respectively.

The Deputy Provincial Governor, Provincial Police Commissioner, Officials from Ministry of Interior and JSAC Staff gave speeches on the meaning of this Project. Detailed explanations were then provided regarding the contents of this project which aims to improve the overall management of police weapons.
JSAC signed the Minutes of Cooperation for this Project with the General Commissariat of Cambodian National Police on March 31, 2006.

With this agreement, JSAC will build storage facilities, install equipment and provide training to police to promote the safe storage and usage of small arms within the police force.

Supporting the police in improving their small arms management does not aim to strenghten their capacity in mobilizing their forces. The lack of control and discipline regarding weapons remain within the police institutions as a legacy of the civil war, which becomes a direct threat to the security of the population. Improved management of police weapons will contribute to public safety and help the shift to a safe and peaceful society.
Signing a cooperation agreement with National Police for the Safe Storage Registration Project
Current storage situation of weapons JSAC conducted a survey on the weapons legally kept by the police for maintaining public security in Kompong Thom and Battambang Provinces during January to February 2006 (The photo in the left shows the current weapon warehouse).

Based on this feasiblity study, JSAC is planning to provide small arms warehouses and weapon racks, and to organize trainings for the safer storage and usage of legal weapons.

Public Awareness Project ( > More about the Public Awareness Project)
NEW@On Oct 9, 2007, a Peace Monument was handed-over to the Battambang Provincial Government. 2,377 weapons collected and destroyed in the Province were transformed into a legendary Cambodian dragon "Naga" by talented Cambodian artists and displayed in a public park by the river.
>Press Release

NEW@On Sep 27, 2007, a Peace Monument was handed-over to the Kampong Thom Provincial Government. 1,000 weapons collected and destroyed in the Province were transformed into art by talented Cambodian artists and displayed in a public park by the river.
>Press Release

Produced with the cooperation of: Development Technology Workshop (DTW, British NGO), and Artistic Coordinator Sasha Constable >Details

Police offical explaining to high school students July 27-28, 2007, JSAC and Working Group for Weapons Reduction (WGWR, Cambodian NGO) co-organized a small arms education campaign in 6 high schools in Phnom Penh, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, school staff and university student volunteers.

High school students learned about the small arms problem and the Arms Law at this campaign and enjoyed games in between Q&A sessions. Officials in charge of Weapons Management from the Ministry of Interior gave out a lecture to the students and informed them about the dangers of small arms.
During July 2-16 2007, 23 anti-weapon banners are installed in the main streets of Phnom Penh, on the occasion of UN Small Arms Day (July 9). A large part of the residents will see the 'Say "No" to Weapons' slogan and picture during this period. Anti-weapon banner in Phnom Penh
From February 2007, JSAC has started a project to create and install a Peace Monument made of weapons collected and destroyed through JSAC's activities. Cambodian artists will create sculptures to be installed in parks in Battambang and Kampong Thom Provinces as a symbol of peace.

(Photo left) Weapons to be used as materials of the peace monument. All these weapons were collected through the WDP project from the residents, and destroyed in public under the Weapons Destruction project.
Cambodia celebrated the annual Water Festival on Nov 4 to 6, 2006. Boat teams from Provinces and various organizations raced on the Tonle Sap River in Phnom Penh. The city nearly doubled its population with the large number of visitors from all over the country to enjoy this event.

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of National Defense, JSAC appealed to the public on this occassion by putting anti-small weapons slogans on their boat teams' t-shirts.
Water festival t-shirt picture for Ministry of Interior
Children drawing messages and pictures regarding weapons and peace
On the occassion of "United Nations Small Arms Day", July 9, small arms education and peace event was held for secondary school students in Phnom Penh. The students actively participated in a small arms quiz, and discussed about the issue of guns, violence and peace.

They also received letters from Japanese students of their age. In return, they wrote letters and drawings about Cambodia.

>Press Release
To celebrate "United Nations Small Arms Day" (July 9), JSAC conducted a public awareness campaign in Phnom Penh City in early July 2006. 50 banners were installed in crowded places such as secondary schools, markets, shopping centers, parks and discos for 1 month.

Furthermore, on July 6 and 7, stickers and posters with anti-weapon messages were distributed in markets, and Arms Law leaflets were distributed and explained to raise the awareness on small arms.
Banner in Phnom Penh for United Nations Small Arms Day
Billboard in Provinces From April to May 2006, JSAC installed public awareness billboards in 21 Districts in Kompong Thom Province and Battambang Province that appeal to residents to "Say 'NO' to Weapons"

National Commission Support Project ( > More about the National Commission Support Project)
The Arms Law seminars for military personnel supported by JSAC finished in June 2007. These seminars were conducted nationwide by the National Commission for the Reform of Weapons, Explosives and Ammunition Management. During the 10 seminars, 2,398 military personnel learned about the Arms Law and had an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge on small arms issues.
JSAC is supporting the National Commission for the Reform of Weapons, Explosives and Ammunition Management in conducting seminars on the Arms Law in all Provinces and Municipalities.
>Press Release

From February 2007, these Seminars will target personel from Ministry of Interior/Police, Ministry of National Defence and local authorites. The effective implementation of the Arms Law will be further promoted by enhancing their knowledge at these seminars.

>More on the Arms Law
Seminar by Ministry of Interior, Siem Reap
Arms Law Seminars Photo (above) is the opening session of the 2-day Arms Law seminar in Siem Reap Province, conducted by Ministry of Interior staff. 261participants from local authorities and the police attended this seminar.

Photo (left) is an Arms Law seminar conducted by Ministry of National Defense staff. Officers from the armed forces enhanced their understanding on the Arms Law and other regulations and laws regarding the use of weapons.

JSAC supported the printing of Arms Law Posters for the Ministry of National Defense, as a part of its support to the National Commission for the Reform of Weapons, Explosives and Ammunition Management. These posters will be put up nationwide in facilities related to the Ministry to inform military officers on the Arms Law.

According to the Arms Law, both the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of National Defense are entitled to register and manage weapons. It also states strict penalities for the illlegal usage of such legal weapons.

Poster on Arms Law for Ministry of National Defence
Poster for National Commission on Arms Law JSAC supported printing posters for the National Commission (Left picture).

This poster comically explains important articles of the Arms Law. These posters will be posted in all administration and police facilities in the country, to inform the government staff and the general public about Arms Law.

(Above left): No selling weapons (Above right): Do not be careless in handling your duty weapon (Bottom left): No transporting weapons and explosives (Bottom right): Submit all weapons to the police

Signing of the Agent Agreement
Signing of Agent Agreement between Royal Government of Cambodia and JICS
The Royal Government of Cambodia and JICS signed the Agent Agreement for the Program on February 9, 2005 following the Exchange of Notes (E/N) between the Government of Japan and the Royal Government of Cambodia.

The signing ceremony was held at the Ministry of Interior. The Agent Agreement was signed by H.E. Em Am Sam, Secretary of State, Ministry or Interior and Mr. Kubo, the Chief of Personnel Department of Japan International Cooperation System (JICS).

As a result of this Agent Agreement, JSAC starts the 2nd phase of the Peace Building and Comprehensive Small Arms Managment Programme in Cambodia.

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