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A Message from the President

(Photo) President Mishima

I am Iichi Mishima, the successor of Mr. Toru Nakatani of the former President of Japan International Cooperation System (JICS). I am very pleased and proud to work in the field of Japan’s international cooperation and it is a great motivator for me. I will do my best by devoting continuous effort to the assignment.

JICS was established in 1989 with the objective of supporting the appropriate and efficient execution of Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) program as Japan’s first specialist procurement organization. JICS mainly undertakes procurement and management operations as “a procurement expert” on international cooperation and as an agent on behalf of the recipient countries.

Our organization’s strengths lie in possessing the procurement know-how needed to maintain impartiality and fairness, which are prerequisites in public procurement, a broad knowledge of materials and equipment, and a strong understanding of needs on the ground. These are based on experience in carrying out procurement for some 140 countries.
In 2016, the Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) was convened in Africa for the first time. We have carried out various projects to date in 40 countries in Africa.
In addition to the aforementioned operations, in recent years JICS has been involved in a range of new initiatives. These include grant aid projects contributing to Public–Private Partnerships (PPP); audit, evaluation and monitoring operations within technical cooperation and loan aid programs; and contract-management support operations through a new service format for international agencies and organizations.

The international community is confronted with increasing uncertainty these days, and the security and the safety of personnel who work for international cooperation are serious concern. In line with the Japanese government’s Development Cooperation Charter, JICS continues addressing global issues as well as work toward the realization of “quality growth” in developing countries. Then, we continue our efforts to “make aid tangible” through the provision of value-added services, aiming to be a reliable partner for all of stakeholders.

I will guide and manage JICS in appropriate manner as a leader of the organization in public works field, through my experiences and knowledge which I have acquired during 35 years in private companies, including four-time overseas assignment. We look forward to your guidance and encouragement.

Iichi Mishima
Japan International Cooperation System (JICS)