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A Message from the President

(Photo) President Mishima

Nowadays, unpredictable events overturning the common sense occur frequently in international communities. In the midst of such situations, Japan must decide and find its way to move forward.

Amidst such times, JICS, a “procurement expert” since its inauguration in 1989, has been mainly undertaking procurement of goods and various services as well as management operations of works projects, as an agent on behalf of the recipient countries.

While endeavoring to deepen our main business aforementioned, we are striving to develop new business, including partnerships with private enterprises. In order to seek out new business opportunities, we are making the most of our knowledge and experience with our enthusiasm and innovative spirit―what we call “JICS’ DNA”―in the field of international cooperation business.

We relocated our office as of July 18, 2017, from Shinjuku to Kachidoki. At the new, efficient office with a feeling of spaciousness, JICS will, on a new note, unite and continue to address global issues as well as to realize “growth with high quality” in developing countries.

We continue our efforts to “make aid tangible” through the provision of value-added services, aiming to be a reliable partner for all stakeholders. We look forward to your guidance and encouragement.

Iichi Mishima
Japan International Cooperation System (JICS)