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A Blend of Community Services for the Jordan Valley
-The Project for Support for the Public Activities of the Communities in Jordan Valley-

December 11, 2012

Dr. Salam Fayyad and Mr. Junya Matsuura were cutting the Tape at Al-Auja School

Visiting Marj Na'ja Clinic as a part of the Ceremony

Visiting Al-Auja School as part of the Ceremony

Jordan Valley --the West Bank -- "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This has been the Japanese motto for several years having provided institutions and infrastructural projects for developing countries in order for them to be capable to stand on their feet again.

The Project for Support for the Public Activities of the Communities in Jordan Valley is another Project funded by the Government of Japan and supported by JICA for the benefit of the Palestinian Ministry of Local Government and assisted by JICS,the procurement Agent.

The Project is a mixture of services; it includes the construction of schools, clinics, women and multi-purpose centers, in addition to equipping them with the necessary furniture. Rehabilitation of roads and electricity networks has been also covered by the same Project.

"I have visited Jericho and the Jordan Valley and inspected clinics, hospitals, and schools; there are essential needs to build the country, and Japan will proceed in the support and will stand by the Palestinian people," asserted the Japan's Ambassador for the Palestinian Affairs and Representative to the PA, Mr. Junya Matsuura in the opening ceremony of the southern part of the Jordan Valley.

The living standard in the Jordan Valley is quite low; therefore many families deserted the area in search of better lives with sufficient water and electricity. "The Auja villagers are the resisters and most patient people of the Jordan Valley," said the Director of Jericho City's Ministry of Education Mr. Mahmoud Hawash, "they have suffered from the occupation and are still holding on."

In the ceremony, the Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad along with the Japanese Ambassador, Assistant Representative of JICA, and Ministries' representative have inspected the completed construction works of the Project and the conditions of the civilians, farmers and investors. "I am very pleased with the ambitions of the people to survive and build in spite of the obstacles," said Dr. Salam Fayyad, confirming his support to the needs of this area in the fields of infrastructure and vital projects.

"We, the Government of Japan and people, with all our potential, will back up the Palestinian legitimate rights and support all their aspirations to live in peace, prosperity, and freedom in an independent state," Mr. Junya Matsuura said, "and for that reason, we were and still are supporting the ongoing efforts for the sake of the Palestinian state."

(By Ghada Qattawi, Project Coordinator, JICS Palestine Office)

Basic Information of This Project

Project Name The Project for Support for the Public Activities of the Communities in Jordan Valley in the Palestinian Authority
Date of E/N March 2, 2010
Date of G/A March 2, 2010
Grant Amount ¥1,176 million
Agent Agreement Counterparty Ministry of Local Government (MOLG)
(The Executive Authority of the Palestinian Authority)
Project Profile Construction of educational facilities, medical/health facilities and community centers; rehabilitation of community roads and electrical networks; and procurement of necessary equipment, in order to improve the infrastructure for public services in the Jordan Valley area
JICS' Role Project management services including procurement of services and equipment necessary for this project and management of project funds.
Procured Project Components
  • Construction works of 4 clinics, 5 schools, 4 community centers, 1 veterinary clinic, electricity network system and community roads (construction companies),
  • Procurement of furniture for each facility, 1 ambulance, 2 mobile clinic cars, 2 school buses, 2 damp trucks with water tank, medical equipment, educational equipment, equipment for community centers and veterinary clinic (suppliers of furniture and equipment)
  • Design and construction supervision consultant
Progress of the Project/Present Status July 2010: Contracting with the design and construction supervision consultant, Mohri, Architect & Associates, Inc.
December 2010: Contracting with 3 construction companies for facilities construction
January 2011: Starting the works of facilities construction
April 2011: Contracting with 3 construction companies for electricity and roads construction
May 2011: Starting the works of electricity and roads construction
December 2011 to February 2012: Contracting with 8 suppliers for the procurement of furniture and equipment
December 2011: Completion of roads construction
January and February 2012: Completion of electricity construction
September 2012: Completion of buildings construction