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Emergency Grant Aid

Emergency grant aid is aid provided for emergency assistance and support in the following areas: 1) Emergency disaster assistance (support for rehabilitation after natural disasters or man-made disasters such as civil war); 2) Support for democratization (support for the establishment of democracy after the collapse of undemocratic regimes or in the aftermath of long-running civil conflict; 3) Assistance for reconstruction and development (support for smooth implementation of the rehabilitation and reconstruction process in countries and areas involved in conflicts.

JICS' Role

Since FY1997, in accordance with contracts with the governments of developing countries, JICS manages procurement of food, medical equipment, drugs, vehicles (water tank trucks, ambulances, etc.), construction equipment and so on. Depending on circumstances, JICS also carries out its own monitoring of how the equipment is being used after procurement. Emergency grant aid literally requires prompt action. In its role as a procurement management agent, JICS contributes to assisting people affected by natural disasters, and civil war or other man-made disasters.

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