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Japan's Cultural Grant Assistance

Cultural Grant Assistance is a part of Official Development Assistance (ODA), provided to contribute to the promotion of cultural and higher educational activities and preservation of cultural heritage in developing countries. It is administered through two schemes: Cultural Grant Assistance and Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Projects.

JICS' Role

Delegated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, JICS began carrying out preliminary studies both in Japan and on site concerning equipment requested for this grant aid in FY1993. Since FY1995, in accordance with contracts with developing countries' governments, JICS has assisted with tendering (public notice, implementation and evaluation of the tendering process) for equipment procurement. Additionally, since FY2000, JICS has been carrying out follow-up activities by procuring repair parts and dispatching technical experts to ensure that the equipment procured is used continuously and effectively. Through preliminary studies, tendering assistance and follow-up activities, JICS promotes mutual understanding, cultural exchanges and friendly relations between Japan and developing countries, and ensures that development assistance is implemented efficiently and effectively. The main types of equipment procured include sound and lighting equipment for theaters, sports equipment, equipment for excavating and preserving archaeological sites, musical instruments, equipment for producing cultural and educational programs, materials related to Japanese language education, and others.