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Non-Project Grant Aid

Non-project aid is grant aid intended to provide rapid support to developing countries with economic difficulties such as growing accumulated debt or a rising international balance of payments deficit, as part of assistance to improve the country's economic structure. Since this aid is not earmarked for specific projects (e.g. building schools, etc.), it is called non-project grant aid.

JICS' Role

Since FY1993, JICS, in accordance with contracts with developing countries' governments, has been helping procure the necessary equipment, such as raw materials (petroleum products, steel products, paper products, etc.) needed to improve the country's economic structure and machinery (vehicles, construction machinery, etc.) required for public works projects, etc. It also monitors the status of counterpart funds set aside by developing countries' governments. Non-project grant aid is a type of support for international balance of payments and is expected to work rapidly. As a procurement management agent, JICS contributes to improving the economic structure of developing countries.

[Counterpart funds]

Developing countries' governments set aside local currency funds equivalent to a certain amount of the value of equipment procured by grant aid. These funds are then used for local economic and social development projects after consultation with the Japanese government.

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Non-Project Grant Aid