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The Republic of Guatemala
Reconstruction of Bridges

- Aiming for restoration of community roads for local residents. -

the Republic of Guatemala, Project of the disaster rehabilitation assistant of Hurricane Stan <2006 Grant Aid for Disaster Prevention and Reconstruction>



In October, 2005, the large-scale tropical storm "Stan" hit the Republic of Guatemala and caused torrential rainfall. The death toll due to flood from the overflow of rivers and landslide disaster rose to 670, and afflicted people numbered some 494,000. The amount of damage was reported some 970 million dollars, about 3.4% of the 2004 GDP in Guatemala.

The Japanese Government is implementing Grant Aid for Disaster Prevention and Reconstruction to the Government of Guatemala to restore the afflicted area, and bridges, water supply facilities and irrigation facilities are reconstructed from the fund. JICS is in charge of the procurement management services for the project.
Recently, Aldea Las Barrancas Bridge and Sobre Rio Cabuz Bridge were reconstructed completely, and each opening ceremony was held by residents in the area on October 11 and 12, 2007.

Aldea Las Barrancas Bridge

Unfortunately the ceremonial day was plagued by heavy rain, and the road to the site was extremely rough. The assistant of mayor in San Marcos, concerned parties including JICS staff, and many residents, however, participated in the ceremony and celebrated the completion of the bridge.
The assistant of the mayor repeatedly addressed his appreciation to the Japanese Government. The bridge was also decorated with small and large Japanese and Guatemalan flags that were prepared by the local residents particularly for the opening ceremony.


Name plate of the bridge. The plate says, "Barrancas Bridge confirms friendship of Guatemala and Japan"

Sobre Rio Cabuz Bridge

In the following day the weather cleared up, and the opening ceremony of the Sobre Rio Cabuz Bridge was held. The Mayor of Ayutla city expressed his great appreciation to the assistance of the Japanese Government and handed over a commemorative gift to JICS staff for recognition of its works. We hear that the another ceremony is scheduled in Ayutra city at the Christmas Festival on December 9.

JICS staff receiving the commemorative gift from the mayor

Group photo of JICS staff and workers involved in the project

Basic Information of This Project

Project Name the Republic of Guatemala, Project of the disaster rehabilitation assistant of Hurricane Stan <2006 Grant Aid for Disaster Prevention and Reconstruction>
Date of Agreement between Governments August 10, 2006
Grant Aid Amount 834,000,000 yen
Contract of Procurement Management Agreement of the procurement management contract (Agent Agreement) with the Ministry of Economy on September 14, 2006
Scheduled Completion Date October, 2007
Outline of the Project By aiming for early reconstruction and recovery of the socioeconomic condition of the region, implementing urgent and highly-needed rehabilitation and reconstruction works of facilities in the severely afflicted area by Hurricane Stan that hit the Republic of Guatemala.
JICS's Role Progress management of the project as a procurement agent (such as tendering, contract with contractors, delivery management and fund management)
Procurement Items a) Reconstruction work of La Blanca irrigation facilities
b) Reconstruction works of Aldea Las Barrancas and Sobre Rio Cabuz bridges
c) Reconstruction of waterworks facilities in Quetzaltenango City
d) Construction management consultant in the above three construction works