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Thirteen Primary School-cum-Cyclone Shelters completed for the development of education in Myanmar and secure the lives of Myanmar people.

December 3, 2013

Hand over ceremony taken place at the Ministry of Education in Myanmar.

Temporary primary school constructed just after the hit of cyclone Nargis.

The students studying in school equipped with a few school furniture.

Primary school constructed by other donor. The wall and windows much ruined.

"On behalf of the Ministry of Education, I'm grateful to the Government of Japan and the Japanese people."

On 18 June 2013, at the Ministry of Education in Yangon, the former capital of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (hereinafter referred to as "Myanmar"), the Primary School-cum-Cyclone Shelters, which were constructed under Japan's Grant Aid project, were officially handed over to Myanmar Government. From Japanese side, Mr. Hideaki Matsuo, Counselor of the Embassy of Japan in Myanmar, and Mr. Masahiko Tanaka, Chief Representative of JICA Myanmar office, attended at the inauguration ceremony, and from Myanmar side, some 50 persons concerned including Mr. Aung Than Oo, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Education, were in attendance at the ceremony. Mr. Aung Than Oo mentioned, 'The buildings not only have classrooms but also fill the role of shelter during disaster. When a cyclone hit last month, they performed the function of a shelter for the residents. On behalf of the Ministry of Education, I'm grateful to the Government of Japan and the Japanese people."

Thirteen Primary School-cum-Cyclone Shelters have been constructed both in Bogale and in Labutta townships, where a powerful tropical cyclone called "Nargis" hit in May of 2008 and got serious damage. Some 140,000 people were killed or missing and the total damages amount to US$ 4 billion. Some 1,400 primary school buildings have completely collapsed. As a reaction to this damage, the Government of Japan decided to extend a grant aid for disaster prevention and reconstruction with the aim of the construction of primary schools which have the function of shelter for nearby residents. In December of 2009, Exchange of Notes (E/N) was concluded between the Government of Japan and the Government of Myanmar. Following that, JICA entered into a Grant Agreement (G/A).

JICS concluded an Agent Agreement (A/A) with Department of Basic Education No.1 (DBE-1), and after that JICS, on behalf of the Ministry of Education of Myanmar, implemented the tender to select construction firms for thirteen Primary School-cum-Cyclone Shelters. As a result of the tender, JICS made contracts with six local construction firms and the construction of school was started on thirteen sites.

After beginning of the construction of shelters, its progress was astonishing. Although the construction sites locate in a vast delta area in the southern part of Myanmar, where it is so hard to access that it takes 3 or 4 hours to go down a river from the nearest city, the local construction firms worked so hard as not to be behind a scheduled construction period. On the contrary, they carried out the construction ahead of schedule while maintaining adequate quality of construction works. To support the progress of the construction, JICS strived to promote smooth progress by grasping the implementation status through the Japanese consultant, which JICS had contracted with to manage construction process. When JICS found a bud of issue, we took necessary measures with the consultant. Although a difficult construction work that lay the foundation to deep underground was necessary because construction sites were located in the delta area, where ground is soft, each construction firm implemented their work efficiently under the guidance of JICS and the consultant. In May of 2013 before rainy season in Myanmar, when it has been about one year since the construction started, construction of buildings was completed on all the thirteen sites and all of them were handed over to Myanmar.

The view of a site of this project (Lot 11, Thar Yar Kone)

The view after the completion of the building under this project (Lot 1, Thar Yar Kone)

Inside of the building. All desks and chairs are replaced. (Lot 11, Thar Yar Kone)

The building constructed under this project. Children started studying here. (Lot2, Tha Pyu Gone)

The scenery from the rooftop of the building. Students saw such a scene from this altitude for the first time. (Lot6、Ye Kyaw Wa)

This construction of Primary School-cum-Cyclone Shelter means the preparation of educational facilities for some 1,800 primary school students and the assurance of places of refuge for neighbor residents when a cyclone hits. All the school buildings are two-story buildings made of reinforced concrete and they look fine on the outside. Since handover in each area, local primary school students have started to study in well lighted and ventilated classrooms with new desks, chairs and blackboards. Since the children were from areas where most of the buildings are one-story, they were surprised at the view from the rooftop. It pleased them that they can study with new classroom furniture. These primary schools will be precious ones for children now and in the future.

Moreover, some 16,000 people can secure their places of refuge because of the completion of the Primary School-cum-Cyclone Shelters. On 14 May 2013, when the facilities had been already handed over, the other cyclone called "Mahasen" hit Myanmar. However, because neighbor residents could be safe from cyclone attack in these new shelters, there was no damage from Cyclone Mahasen in these areas. Those shelters will protect local people from cyclones from now on.



In May 2013, people around Hlwa Zar evacuated to this building when the other cyclone "Mahasen" hit these areas. (Lot1、Hlwa Zar)

Basic Information of This Project

Project Name The Project for Construction of Primary School-cum-Cyclone Shelter under Japan's Grant Aid for Disaster Prevention and Reconstruction 2009 in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Date of E/N December 4, 2009
Date of G/A December 23, 2009
Grant Amount ¥581 million
Date of A/A November 28, 2011
Agent Agreement Counterparty Ministry of Education, the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
  • Construction of thirteen (13) primary schools which can function as shelters in the cyclone disaster-hit areas (Labutta and Bogale townships in Ayeyarwady Delta).
  • Provision of desks, chairs, water supply system and others.
JICS's Role
  • Full supervision of the project as the procurement agent
  • Exchange of contracts with consultant for technical assistance
  • Exchange of contracts with contractors for construction of schools and procurement of school furniture
  • Management of funds
Contents of Procurement Construction firms for the construction of thirteen (13) school-cum-cyclone shelter.