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Economic and Social Development Programme: Supporting the Ministry of Health and Contributing to COVID-19 Countermeasures in Honduras

December 24, 2021

OSHIMA Masahiro

Our Efforts for Smooth Implementation
Working toward Unprecedented Rapid Procurement

JICS concluded an agent agreement with the Ministry of Health of Honduras on the same day as the Exchange of Notes (E/N) was signed, and commenced the equipment selection process. We entered into procurement procedures with an unprecedented speed, by issuing a request for quotation in July 2020. Close communication with the Ministry of Health was essential to ensure smooth procurement procedures. We held a lot of online meetings, which has become widespread due to COVID-19, and as a result we were able to place orders with four suppliers on July 30.

Close Collaboration with Various Related Parties
Close Cooperation with Ministry of Health Staff  Who Worked around the Clock

On August 27, 2020, of the 15 types of equipment ordered, blood pressure monitors, aspirators, and stethoscopes were delivered to the Ministry of Health by air in good condition. However, in November of that same year, a massive hurricane struck Central America, causing even more widespread damage with the impact of COVID-19. The Ministry of Health staff struggled day and night and frequently called us at dawn in Japan. JICS finally reached the completion of the project in June 2021 while supporting this staff member who worked tirelessly around the clock and collaborating with Japanese suppliers.

Procured ambulances (Courtesy of Ministry of Health)

Project Overview

Toward Rapid Procurement of Medical Equipment Contributing to COVID-19 Countermeasures

From the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 began spreading to Honduras in Central America, and on June 12 of the same year, the Government of the Republic of Honduras signed the E/N with the Government of Japan for this project, earlier than any other Latin American country. The decision was made to procure a total of 15 types of equipment utilizing grant aid, including mobile X-ray unit, digital ultrasound scanner, ambulances, etc., as COVID-19 countermeasures.

Counterpart of Agent Agreement Ministry of Health of the Republic of Honduras
End-user Ministry of Health
Grant Amount ¥300 million
Exchange of Notes (Bilateral Agreement) June 12, 2020