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Solar Electricity Generation System has been installed in the Agro Industrial Park

November 16, 2012

Solar Electricity Generating System

Monitor checking the condition of the power generation

On July 17, 2012, the final inspection was conducted for the Project for the Solar Electricity Generating System for the Palestinian Energy Authority (PEA) with confirming its functions one by one in temperatures of 46 degrees Celsius under strong sunshine in Jericho. On the date of July 19, 2012, shortly before the holly month of Ramadan, followed by the successful result of the final inspection, we signed the Handing-Over Certificate of the Solar Electricity Generating System at the office of the PEA at Ramallah.

The Occupied Palestinian Territories do not have enough energy resources and the occupation policy of Israel is very harsh especially in the field of electricity supply. JICS has also been implementing the Non-Project Grant Aid by the Government of Japan to procure the oil products for many years; the Palestinian Authority has been, however, facing many difficulties for the increasing demand and cost for the electricity supply in their land.

This Project is the first large-scale attempt in the Solar Electricity Generating System and turns the key for the door of the future possibility for the Palestinian Territories.

An implementation of another Project to enforce the Government of Japan's concept for creating "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity*1" has been accomplished. The Project for Introduction of Clean Energy by Solar Electricity Generation System at the Agro Industrial Park aims to create the renewable energy as the symbol of the Japanese comprehensive support for the socio-economic development in the Palestinian Territories.

Engineer Jamal Abu-Ghosh, Director of PEA expressed his appreciation of the efforts put in through the Project as the big step for the Solar Electricity Generating System and declared that PEA would lead the further development of the renewable energy in the West Bank, the Palestinian Territories.

*1: Corridor for Peace and Prosperity: A medium-long term initiative by the Government of Japan which aims co-existence of Palestine and Israel in the future and started up the Four-Party Consultative Unit attended by Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Japan. This concept involves an effort to materialize projects that promote regional cooperation while strategically and flexibly utilizing Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA).

Basic Information of This Project

Project Name The Project for Introduction of Clean Energy by Solar Electricity Generation System
Date of E/N December 21, 2009
Date of G/A December 21, 2009
Grant Amount ¥600 million
Date of A/A January 6, 2010
Agent Agreement with Palestinian Energy Authority
End-Users Palestinian Energy Authority
Project Profile The Supply of 300kW Solar Electricity Generating System with the operational training
JICS's Role Project management for the procurement of the services and the equipment necessary for the project and for the management of project funds.