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Fiscal 2020 Food Assistance Programme for the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Responding to the Urgent Requirements of Recipient-Countries Regarding Basic Human Needs

February 28, 2023

Country Assistance Division 6,
Second Management Department
JO Michiko

Rapid Implementation of the Programme Thanks to a Strong Network, Even during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The fiscal 2020 Food Assistance Programme for the Democratic Republic of the Congo was decided in response to the country’s severe problems such as food shortages and high food prices due to the prolonged impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As with the previous fiscal year’s programme, the delivery was completed in November 2021, as requested, as a result of smooth progress on the programme after extensive discussions with concerned parties in Japan and overseas, making the best of our past experience even though the procedures were carried out remotely. The Congolese people expressed their delight for the programme which was widely covered by the local media.

20 Years of History with Recipient Countries and the Future

JICS has been playing the role of a procurement agent for numerous projects of the Food Assistance Programme since fiscal 2001.With the knowledge and research capabilities cultivated through years of experience, JICS has been a close partner to the recipient countries and has been implementing these projects in cooperation with related parties. Many recipient-country governments have expressed their desire for the continuation of food assistance, which is indispensable for the livelihood of their citizens, and the importance of this support is widely recognized by the public. We will continue to work on our operations with a constant desire to improve to live up to these expectations.

Loading of aid rice (government rice) onto a ship

Project Overview

Prompt Execution of Projects Based on Experience

Food is the most familiar and important aspect of people’s lives. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has suffered from food shortages for many years. In the fiscal 2020 Food Assistance Programme, we worked to contribute to the stability of the country and the improvement of people’s lives by promptly procuring rice to alleviate food shortages, ensure national security and prevent conflicts.

Project name Fiscal 2020 Food Assistance Programme (KR) for the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Counterpart of Agent Agreement Ministry of Planning of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Grant amount ¥300 million
Exchange of Notes (Bilateral Agreement) October 15, 2020
Procurement amount (government rice) 3,159 t