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Food Assistance Programme to the Republic of Cabo Verde in Fiscal 2022: Playing a Part in Strengthening Food Security

January 24, 2024

Country Assistance Division 6,
Second Management Department

SDGs Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Prompt Implementation of Projects in Light of the Tight Food Situation

The food situation in Cabo Verde is rapidly deteriorating, not only due to the recent surge in the market price of grains caused by geopolitical turmoil but also due to the poor domestic agricultural production caused by prolonged drought and the pandemic that has damaged the key tourism industry. This situation could seriously affect the nutritional status of the children there. Against this backdrop, JICS has been involved in discussions and research with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of the Republic of Cabo Verde to procure flour fortified with nutrients as well as Japanese and Thai rice.

JICS has served as a procurement agent for the Food Assistance Programme by the Government of Japan since fiscal 2001. Ongoing support is also being provided to Cabo Verde, with a cumulative total of ¥4.7 billion worth of food procured.

As a procurement agent in the Food Assistance Programme, JICS aims to ensure proper and prompt delivery in this project as well, in accordance with the procedures systematically developed based on the experience and knowledge it has accumulated over the years.

Japanese and Thai rice bound for Cabo Verde being loaded at Hannan Port in Japan
Japanese rice for other countries being loaded at Hitachinaka Port in Japan

A Close Partner in Food Security

While the aforementioned systematically developed procedures are implemented, each case is not straightforward, and we are faced with a variety of situations. In a previous project for Cabo Verde, abnormal weather conditions in Europe delayed the wheat harvest and preparation for shipment, resulting in tight wheat inventories in the country. We overcame the difficulties based on strong cooperative relationships with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, suppliers, the Embassy of Japan, and other domestic and international stakeholders. Hearing the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment appeal for a sense of urgency, I reaffirmed that food aid is directly related to the lives of the people.

The Government of Cabo Verde has expressed its deep appreciation for the Government of Japan’s cooperation over the years. JICS has also been highly regarded as one of the country’s partners in bilateral government committees and other occasions, for its tenacity in dealing with and overcoming challenging situations together.

Cabo Verde is not unique in facing a difficult food situation due to climate change and the recent turmoil in international affairs. We will continue to be a close partner to each recipient country where the Food Assistance Programme is provided, and remain ever mindful that we are playing a role in food security, which is indispensable for people’s lives.

Committee meeting held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Regional Integration of the Republic of Cabo Verde
Ceremony for the handover of Food Assistance Programme to Cabo Verde for fiscal 2021
(Counselor HIROSE Shinichi and Gilberto Silva, Minister of Agriculture and Environment)
Wheat being transported from the ship to silos after arrival in Cabo Verd

Project Overview

Procurement of Flour and Rice Essential to People’s Lives

The Republic of Cabo Verde, a small island nation located off the Atlantic coast of Africa, relies on imports for much of its grain due to the small area available for domestic cultivation. However, the recent surge in market prices of grains caused by geopolitical turmoil has made access to food even more difficult for Cabo Verdean people. In light of this situation, the Government of Japan has decided to provide the Food Assistance Programme to the country.

Counterpart of Agent Agreement Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Regional Integration of the Republic of Cabo Verde
End-user Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of the Republic of Cabo Verde
Grant amount ¥200 million
Exchange of Notes (Bilateral Agreement) July 1, 2022