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Grant Aid Project under Public–Private Partnership: First ODA Project in Which Japanese Companies Handled All Processes from Facility Construction to Operation

February 28, 2023

First Project Management Division,
Third Management Department
Hosaya Sinji

First Project Management Division,
Third Management Department

Formulation of a Project That Reflects Stakeholder Opinions

Based on the need for water supply infrastructure development from the Government of Cambodia and requests for Japan’s expertise in water supply service, JICS gathered information on the intentions of Japanese companies seeking to expand overseas over the medium to long term as well as knowledge from local government authorities in Japan. This was applied to the formulation of a project that is sustainable over the longer term while gathering the opinions of the Government of Cambodia and other stakeholders.

When the project was formed, the Government of Cambodia held several project brief-ing sessions with support from the consultant for community residents to explain the social and environmental impacts of the project, the timing of the start of water supply, water supply rates and the application process, and to answer questions from residents. As a result of these sessions, we made adjustments and developed appropriate project plans taking the residents’ opinions and consensus into account.

Project briefings for residents conducted as part of social and environmental assessments

Proposal and Close Consultation on the Introduction of the Most Suitable Bidding Method

JICS proposed to the Government of Cambodia the application of a ”design, construction, maintenance and operation collectively contract method,” which is unprecedented in conventional Grant Aid, as the optimal bidding method for selecting a consortium of Japanese companies to take on this project. To obtain sufficient understanding from the Government of Cambodia, JICS worked with the consultant to explain and discuss the project many times, and prepared the bid documents. The facilities completed through these efforts were highly evaluated by the Director General in charge at the time of completion.

Construction site of water supply facilities

Stakeholders Take On the Challenge of Improving Access to Safe Drinking Water

The water supply facilities were completed in April 2022 and the consortium of Japanese companies has started supplying drinking water services to the Cambodian people. We would like to reiterate our deepest appreciation to the Japanese companies awarded this project, led by Kubota Construction, for their steady continuation of construction work even under the extremely difficult cicumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the Secretary of State of the Government of Cambodia personally participated in the meetings from the very beginning and showed tremendous initiative to improve the access to safe drinking water. The earnest passion of the Government of Cambodia, which remained consistent from start to finish, has led to the operation of the new water supply facilities. We will continue to watch over the facilities so that they will be used widely and for a long time by residents.

Completed water supply facilities
Water piping within the facilities

Project Overview

Using Japanese Technology to Provide Safe Water to the Cambodian People

To meet the rapidly increasing demand for water supply in the capital city of Kampong Thom Province in northern Cambodia in line with economic growth, a new waterworks plant and distribution pipe network will be constructed to increase water supply capacity in the area and a consortium of Japanese companies will operate the plant.

[Facility scale] Water intake facilities, water supply facilities (treatment capacity: 7,500 m3/day), distribution pipelines: Approx. 150 km

[Operation details] Operation and maintenance of drinking water plants, including water purification

Project name Fiscal 2016 Project for Expansion of Water Supply System in Kampong Thom of the Kingdom of Cambodia
Counterpart of Agent Agreement Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology & Innovation of the Kingdom of Cambodia
End-user Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology & Innovation of the Kingdom of Cambodia
Grant amount ¥3,271 million
Exchange of Notes (Bilateral Agreement) March 30, 2017
Grant Agreement March 30, 2017
Contractors Kubota Construction Co., Ltd. (leader), CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd., Geocraft Co.,Ltd., Metawater Co., Ltd.